International Clients

To our friends abroad, we now have a set of items that can be shipped to you! 

We're still in the testing stage for shipping, please create an order and email us at

Steps in ordering your items:

1. Choose items to add to your cart from the "International Clients" collection. Remember no paints, or liquids can be shipped internationally.

2. Email with a list of your order with the corresponding quantity for each. 

3. Send your shipping details:

Full Name of recipient, Complete Address with zipcode and contact number

4. Once we have received your payment, we will send you the bill for shipping, this will take us 48-72 hours to complete. Once we have received your payment for shipping we will proceed with scheduling for shipping.

5. We will advise you with your tracking number and courier details. 

Please note the following guidelines:

1.We are shipping from the Philippines. 

2. Shipping rates will depend on your country.

3. The expected time to receive the item will depend on the courier.

4. No liquids or pointed items can be shipped.

5. Any item out of stock or cannot be shipped and will be refunded through .



Alphabet Scribble Pad
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Black Pad
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Canson Montval 300g
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Craft Starter Kit
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Dotted Pad
Gansai Tambi Starry Color - Set of 6s
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Glass Jars
Mixing Palette
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