Tokyo Finds Kawaii Creations Volume 1

Tokyo Finds Kawaii Creations Volume 1

  • PHP249.75

Kawaii Creations

Through our Tokyo Finds Kawaii Creations, we hope to provide everyone a chance to be one’s own Picasso. Filled with intricate, detailed and inspiring patterns and designs, there are pages of beautiful drawings all waiting to be brought to life through coloring. Each page is made of special premium paper with 280 gsm thickness which guarantees a smudge-free coloring experience. Unlike other coloring books, we want your work of art to be shared for inspiration.

Hence, we designed each page in such a way that it could be hung on your wall, framed on top of your desk, or shared as a gift to your loved ones. So we invite you to flip through the pages, bring out your colored pens and start coloring. Take your time and be patient. Have fun, forget your worries, daydream, feel more creative and most of all, savor the moment.

For a great, smudge-free experience, we recommend TOKYO FINDS Brush pens.