TCC Tufting Gun for Rugs and Carpets (preorder)

  • PHP12,500.00

Are you interested to try your hand at tufting your own rugs / carpets? This is a handheld electric gun that threads through the cloth to make loop or cut piles.


Model name: Cut OR Pile Tufting Gun (please choose in the drop down list)

Loop Pile Height Range (adjustable): .157" to .55" (4-13mm)

Speed Range: 5-45 stitches/sec and is adjustable

Weight: 3 lbs (1.4kgs), aluminum construction
Universal Voltage 100- 240 V   50 - 60 HZ
Speed dial is adjustable and threading is fairly easy to do. Height is also adjustable. Fairly easy to use, good for beginners.
What is a tufting gun? Check out the tutorial here: Tufting Gun Tutorial
Our team is not an expert in tufting and will not be able to assist you with your questions on handling the equipment, but there are many tutorials online on how to get started and make your own tufted carpets and rugs.
Item is for pre-order and is available 5-6 weeks after purchase. Shipping from Metro Manila, Philippines