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Sticker Printing

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1. Materials Available:

  • Satin Sticker

    • "regular" / common sticker material
    • can be laminated with glossy at matte
  • Vinyl Sticker / PPE White

    • waterproof
    • cannot be laminated
    • coated finish similar to C2S (in between glossy and matte)
  • Kraft

    • option to add white ink layer
  • Transparent

    • waterproof
    • option to add white ink layer 
  • Holographic

    • waterproof
    • option to add white ink layer


2. Cutting Available:

  • Kiss Cut

    • Cutting area: 10.4" x 16"
    • half cut, "peel off" stickers

  • Die cut (full cut)

    • Cutting area: 10.4" x 16"
    • Full cut / Cut to shape


3. File Requirement

  • Please send ai or layered PDF file (psd is also acceptable)
  • A layer for the design
  • A separate layer for the cutting marks
  • Please ensure that texts are outlined (no need for us to have the font file)


4. Common Mistakes:

  • Complicated cutting path
    • Cutting path is recommended to be simplified and smooth
    • Stickers are digitally cut by having a blade run through your cutting path. Many corners will cause it to drag and snag
    • Opt for a smoother/simpler cutting path like a circle 


  • Bleed
    • The cutting and printing do not align perfectly, so add a bleed in your artwork

  • White Ink
    • Materials that are not naturally white can be added white ink layer
    • This is commonly used for KRAFT, HOLOGRAPHIC and TRANSPARENT stickers, are the base is not white.


OneDayPrint - NEW - White Ink Stickers

Printing a white base on transparent sticker makes the design base opaque.

white ink printing transparent sticker vs no white ink

Light colors do not print well on colored bases. Especially for kraft, a color like pink will be muddied with a brown base (pink + brown = ??).  If you have a design that uses yellow or pink or other colors, we suggest printing a white base first.





5. Sample Works

The Craft Central Sticker Book Collab




Die-cut Vinyl Stickers







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