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Guide on How to Design for Washi Tapes

A Quick Guide on how to make washi tapes:


Design file

  • Bleed on top and bottom, 1.5 mm each side
  • If your design is for 15mm width, file submitted should be 18mm width.
  • If your design is for 25mm width, file submitted should be 28mm width.
  • Please make sure no text or essential design is in the 1.5mm bleed space
  • Max loop length is 250mm, this will be duplicated to make the 10-meter roll
  • It is okay to make a shorter design, please make it so that if the pattern is repeated, it will exactly a 250mm pattern. (E.g. 50mm)


Sticker Label

  • Submit in 2in diameter. 1.5 bleed all around 
  • We will resize this to the correct size


Submit as a JPG / PNG

  • For files that are drawn (traditionally, procreate), you can submit as a JPG / PNG design, 450dpi.
  • If the background color is DARK, please submit the design with transparent background and the background separately


Best case scenario: Submit as a vector/layered file

  • Submit as an .ai or pdf



  • We do color editing to make the design brighter, as generally designs appear darker upon printing
  • Reprints of washi tapes will not have the exact same color (barely noticeable to customers, but it will not be exactly the same side by side)
  • Lead time is 4-5 weeks
  • Full payment before printing


Sample or adjustment of color. Design submitted is duplicated over 350mm loop. File must have bleed for both the tape design and sticker label. NO TEXT on the bleed

washi tape layout sample
Prices subject to change without prior notice


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