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Product Ambassadors - Paint by Numbers


Hello there! :)

Thanks for swiping up. We're looking for people to help us get the word out for our NEW Philippine-Themed paint by number collection. If you love our stuff, then maybe we're looking for you!

You will be given a 30% discount code on your initial purchase of our paint by numbers collection. Once you make the purchase, we'll give you a unique link / referral code, where you can earn a 10% commission on sales made with your code. People who use your code will be given P100 discount.

We're replenishing our Paint by Numbers collection-- so apart from the Philippine themed designs (4 designs), there are 10 more others in the collection. Discount code applies to any of the designs, as long as it's a paint by numbers product.

You may ask why we're not giving products for free, haha! It's because we want to look for ambassadors who are actually interested to help us grow, and are not just in it for the freebies.

If this is you, please send us a DM on instagram, "I want to be an ambassador!" and your email address. Deadline to DM is on Wednesday, May 26.

 View the products HERE. Collection will update / upload on Friday, May 28

May 25, 2021 written by Monique Ventura 0 comments