Philippine Edition - Embroidery Kits

Posted by Monique Ventura on

Looking for guinea pigs to try our NEW Philippine Edition embroidery kits. :)

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase the 2 NEW kits. Our 2 new designs are butanding and banaue. :) Kit will be sent for shipping within June.

2. Post 3 photos per kit:

  • What you received 
  • Work in Progress 
  • Final work

Note: Send your post via IG DM so we can keep track. :) We might repost your photo. Feel free to deviate from the pattern, add additional elements or change the colors. You can also just follow it exactly. We might use your feedback to improve the current design.

3. Finish the kits on or before July 30. As a reward, you get 2 free kits* of your choice. Just pay for shipping. Only those who post and send us their finished work by July 30 will be eligible for the free kits.


This is like a trial package. We're not just throwing out free products because we are looking for people who are interested to help us grow and are not just in it for the freebies. Paying for the products will help us find the people who will actually spend time to work on them. :)


*THE REWARD! 2 free kits of your choice*

  • 2 embroidery kits (organza and linen both ok!)
  • 1 embroidery kit + 1 punch needle kit
  • 1 embroidery kit + 1 beginner's calligraphy kit
  • 1 paint by numbers kit


If you are interested, please send us a DM in instagram @thecraftcentral with the note "I want to be an embroidery guinea pig!"

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