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Woohoo! As a celebration of  The Craft Central's 75k followers on Instagram, we're giving you a treat. :) But before anything else, You must follow our Instagram account (@thecraftcentral). So you could avail these promos and your account should be public so we can see that you're really following us. :) Wondering what's on the list of the 75K promo? Here you go, The Craft Central's buy 1 take 1 items: Bottles/Inks Black India Ink 100ml - 200 Black India Ink 20ml - 120 Walnut Ink 100ml - 200 Walnut Ink 20ml - 120 Colored Calligraphy Inks (Black, Blue, Green, Violet, Red, Magenta, Orange, and Yellow - 180 Pen Cleaner - 250 Gum Arabic - 220 Calligraphy Paper Products Scribble Pad - 180 Alphabet Pad - 200 Black Pad - 200 4 Workbooks (Pointed Pen, Basic Brush, Freehand Brush Lettering, and Whimsical Calligraphy) BUY 4 GET 4 - 800 Simple...

July 03, 2017 written by the craft central 0 comments