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We're planting 625 trees this Earth Day 2020!
Every 2 post cards under this project plants a tree under your name.

Tree Planting for Earth Day 2020 --- We are doing a tree-planting activity with The Craft Central staff! - As a craft store, one of our most common materials used are made from trees — paper, wood, cork, and so on. It’s not just in the actual products we make, but also in the daily operations — packaging, price tags, delivery forms, receipts, paperbags, to name a few. - Because of this, we have joint forces with our brand partners to pledge some trees for the project. On top of that, we have tapped our partner artists to create Pinoy-Themed postcards, proceeds of sale will be used to purchase seedlings. --- Our goal is to raise enough to plant 1/2 hectare of trees. That’s 625 trees. Cost per tree seedling is P110 Postcards will be sold at P89 each. Every 2 postcards will fund the planting of 1 tree. P178...

March 05, 2020 written by Alexis Ventura 0 comments