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THE ART EXCHANGE For 2 consecutive years, ART EXCHANGE has always been an avenue to interact with other artists and craft enthusiasts. With a wide array of artisan products and back-to-back workshops, the event has definitely succeeded in bringing together the art community in a fun-filled weekend. This year, we’re bringing ART EXCHANGE into a different spotlight. Because the past few months have allowed us to take up new challenges-- opening up new stores, developing products, and solidifying our brand, we decided to channel back our efforts to our original love.  As we enter the holiday season, we want the community to keep dreaming and keep inspiring others. But most of all we want to encourage aspiring artists that it is possible to live their passions. This year’s ART EXCHANGE is about Crafting for a Living.   Featuring a wide variety of workshops and a bazaar.Art Exchange will surely inspire both...

August 31, 2018 written by the craft central 0 comments