Water Well

Looking for something sturdy to keep you from pouring water all over your artwork? :( Lucky for you, we offer handcrafted Acacia water cups! Carved by local craftsmen in Pangasinan, this will surely be a magnificent addition to spice up your watercolor tools collection. :)


Its wood has natural oils that make it purely resistant to water.  It also has concave cuts at the top, which would serve as your brush holder (to avoid your habit of leaving it at rest on water! :P)


We’d love for you to take care of your tools so as for them to last longer. Sometimes, the price we pay for things should be worth its durability and strength and not just for its beauty. ;)


Take a look at some of the artists on Instagram who have used our water wells:


Photo from @paulinemoncada


Photo from @_clevidor


Photo from @pattypy


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