Scribble Starter Kit

How to install the ink in the fountain pens


1. Apart from your fountain pen, you'll need a bottle of fountain pen ink and tissue. This is not included in the kit. We do not recommend using Chinese ink or the walnut ink included -- read the chapter on Inks in the Scribble Manual. :)


2. Unscrew the bottom part of your fountain pen. You'll be able to see the soft plastic cartridge through the window, with a flexible metal support.

3. Dip the pen into the bottle with the nib submerged in ink. Press metal support of the cartridge. This will suck into the cartridge. It is okay that your cartridge is not full of ink.

4. Wipe off the ink from your nib. Then start writing! To clarify, this fountain pen does not have a flexible nib. :)