Welcome to our the Craft Central resellers. ❤️

thank you for helping us spread the love for crafts and sharing with others opportunity to learn something new!

let’s begin!


1. Can I buy other items outside the collection?

Yes! We compiled all items in this collection that are available for reselling, only these items will be discounted while other items purchased will not be affected by the discount coupon. Purchasing other items outside this collection will not be an issue.

2. The discount coupon I am using is not working

please double check the total price of your products, each coupon has minimum total spend before the coupon will take effect.

3. How will the items be shipped to me?

We have a standard fee for shipping however depending on the weight of your products we may contact you if the paid shipping is insufficient for the price being charged.

4. Can I return products?

No, products may no longer be returned unless they were damaged upon receipt. We will need for documentation of the shipping waybill and photos of the damage for our process. We will only accept return requests 72 hours  after receipt of the products.