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CTR Banaue Embroidery Kit

Inspired by the rice terraces and the ingenuity of our ancestors, we created this kit capturing the beautiful scenery up in Banaue. Follow the flow of the thread that makes up each step in the terraces. Thread in the mountains and leaves, and the colorful clothing of the Ifugaos. Add the sun and sky, and finish off the piece with tassels. Leave in your wooden hoop to display and hang, frame, or incorporate into a functional piece (a bag? A pillow?)

Tutorials will be posted in our instagram account :)

Kits come with everything you need - cloth, tracing paper, pattern, threads, needles and a hoop. All you need more is a pencil and scissors.

Colors/Patterns are not the exact same match as the kit, as we made a few more improvements to the test design. Each batch of kits might not come in exactly the same shade. ✨🇵🇭

Original Philippine embroidery kit. Designed by Alexis Dy



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