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Miya Himi 42 colors x 90ml gouache set

Miya Himi 42 colors x 80ml gouache set

42 Colors x 90 ml

Deep Red, Ponceau, Ochre, Jade Green, violet, Prussian Blue, Back, Oriental Red, Salmon Pink, Medium Yellow, Pale Green, Grey, Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, Kaoliang Red, Orange, Primrose, Yellow Green, Aegean Sea, Cobalt Blue, Blackish Green, Rose, Erth Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Perfule Lily, Pale Purple, Acid Bue, Olive Green, Peach Blossom, Rose, Sky blue, turquiose blue, Purple Rose, Light princess, grey, titanium white, Moon Gray, Pearl white, Teeth Yellow grey light tan, powder blue, naples yellow, yellow cream.

High quality pigment, unique jelly cup design and portable case, non toxic and environmentally friendly





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