MIYA HIMI Silky Crayons

  • PHP480.00


Safety and environmental friendly
- The inside is filled with safety and environmental color core. It can be directly used for body painting.

It is soft and smooth and easy to put color on
- Painting feels silky and non-resistance, just like painting with melted chocolate.

Rotating pen body
- Lipstick style rotating pen body design, turn it as much as you want. No waste, no break.


Design sense packaging. Exquisite packaging, simple and appropriate, easy to store.

Box body triangle hollow out design. Convenient for frequently used crayon. Easy and clear for use.

Washable/Water soluble. Can be cleaned by water.

Product size: 5.5cm long, rotating refill.

Dimension: 105mm x 105mm x 140mm


*12 colors

*24 colors

*36 colors